• Anna Castor (2021)
  • Winter Peaks/Lucky Irish Series
  • Contemporary Romance
Every author should have Lauren Griffin in their corner! I've worked with Lauren as my development editor. Lauren's editing rapport was very detailed but also easy to work with. Her ideas about fleshing out characters and tips and tricks have not only improved this book, but also helped me as an author for upcoming projects. She gave me the missing pieces of the 'storyline and character arcs puzzle', and has helped me immensely.

Lauren is very professional in meeting her deadlines and giving updates of her progress. She's also very approachable if you have any questions and she's truly interested in you as a person. I loved working with Lauren and I highly recommend working with her.
  • Christine P Harris (2020)
  • Chadwick Series
  • M/M Contemporary Fiction
As a first time indie-author, this whole world of editing and publishing has been a new and terrifying experience for me. Lauren provided a hand to hold, a plethora of information that went beyond the service hired for, and a professionalism that's unparalleled. I'm a better writer for having worked with Lauren. I look forward to working with her again in the future.
  • Jo Holloway (2019-20)
  • Green and Gold Series
  • Young Adult, Paranormal Fiction
Lauren's developmental edit was incredibly thorough and helpful. She provided a great mix of positive notes along with useful critique and items for improvement. She was able to point out changes in style and suggest some overall areas to be strengthened. The chapter by chapter breakdown she provided was a gold mine of information I referred to often during revisions and helped me to restructure several of my chapters. It was very worthwhile to have Lauren review my manuscript even at a stage where I knew it needed work. Her feedback helped point out some weaknesses I could target as I went forward.
  • Lindsay Lamar (2020)
  • Better Off Guilty
  • Suspense
Better Off Guilty
I do not think I could've picked a better editor for my debuting novel. I am not sure what expectations I had working with a developmental editor, but Lauren exceeded them by far. Not only was she flexible with my timeline, but she communicated flawlessly throughout the whole process and gave me frequent updates to make me feel comfortable. Lauren gave me so many resources to work with for my novel. From links to research she did for it, to full page chapter-by-chapter reports - I feel fully equipped to polish and fill holes to move it forward in the process.

Lauren's service is valuable to my manuscript. I truly see her work as an investment into mine. I would recommend her to authors of all genres, as she is well educated through a multitude. I have no doubt I will be working with Lauren on future manuscripts.
  • Nikki Di Iorio (2020)
  • Don't Do It Carol
  • Self Help and Memoir
Don't Do It Carol
I absolutely loved working with you and couldn’t have gotten my book to where it is now without your input.
  • Holly Caste (2021)
  • Blurry Messes
  • New Adult Romance
Working with Lauren was such a gift. Not only were her insights constructive and useful, but the way she communicated them was kind and thoughtful. She was able to enhance my story while keeping my voice and the integrity of the book intact. I am so lucky to have gotten the opportunity to work with her!
  • Laura Moretti (2020)
  • Pemberley
  • Science-fiction/Dystopian
It was a real pleasure to work with Lauren Griffin on my Pemberley manuscript. Her comments and propositions of edits throughout the text were invaluable – I also got compliments and funny remarks, which I certainly appreciated a lot! What helped me the most though was the letter with the comments about the general structure of the story. I knew my book was a little odd, and I wanted to keep it that way, but too odd would have driven readers away; Lauren really helped me to clarify the way I told the story without losing its originality… Thank you again!
  • Jessie Liu (2020)
  • A Crooked Life (working title)
  • Memoir
Lauren has helped me tremendously with my manuscript. It now has a better structure. She also gave great examples of how I could expand my work. Her comments were detailed and easy to understand. I highly recommend her as my developmental editor.
  • Emma Jane Holmes (2019)
  • Dust to Dust
  • Memoir
You're wonderful with what you do. So very grateful and will begin working hard on the points you mentioned. Best coach award goes to you. :)
  • Nicole K. Larson (2019)
  • The Replacing
  • Dystopian
Lauren was so thorough, professional, and courteous. I highly recommend her services. She gave me great ideas on making my manuscript better and ready to query.

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